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Pain That Is All In Your Mind.

Pain That Is All In Your Mind.

Is pain all in your mind? I don’t think so. Since childhood I’ve suffered from painful Asthma (until my first marijuana splif when I was 13 years old). I’m sure I was nearly dieing since I could not inhale. My brain did not form an illusion for me to suffer.

Growing up around Raid roach spray and Decon, constant fumigations of the apartment, insect bombs for the apartment, getting all over the clothing. All of that and a Dad who smoked cigarettes. I didn’t create that for myself. I survived it. Thing is, I had a whole lot more to survive than my own body breaking down.

I recently looked up what has been researched since my  me having survived Asthma. This is an article I found on PubMed 

1999 Jun; 107(Suppl 3): 431–437.

PMCID: PMC1566233
PMID: 10346991

Pesticides and inner-city children: exposures, risks, and prevention.



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